Reproductive Health: How much birth control is too much?

sexists lies and birth control (1)

Our project on reproductive health focuses on contraception around the world and the different viewpoints surrounding it. There are a lot of arguments surrounding contraception being made available to the public. Some say that it costs too much to provide contraception to the general public or that using contraception is morally objectionable, still others have the opposite view. Recently a new idea has entered the debate around the role of contraception and reproductive rights relative to world population issues. Click here to view our Prezi on the subject.

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  1. Vivian Bossieux-Skinner says:

    You mentioned that many republicans are anti-abortion and birth control, do they feel the same way about vasectomies or a woman getting sterilized? Also, do you think China could implement another form of population control that wouldn’t affect the female to male ratio as much?

  2. Emma Steinheimer says:

    Do you think (many) republicans are against birth control because they don’t want the government to have to pay for it? Or is it actually just their morals at play?

  3. Gabi P says:

    Are republicans anti-abortion and birth control because of religious beliefs? Are there any other reasons one might be against birth control and abortions because I feel like the most publicized reason is based off of religious beliefs.

    1. amandalevin says:

      Very interesting question, and I’d love to hear what the group says, but I feel like it is a control issue, not even a religious one.

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