A Generation of Interdweebs


The Consequences of Internet Dependency

How is technology changing the world? While there a million possible answers, we focused on four narratives that tell the stories of some of the most controversial and troubling aspects of the internet. Nearly a third of the entire population have  become internet users in some shape or form. This global network is responsible for the movement of billions of dollars in goods, information, and money. It has become one of the most essential aspects of our modern day society.

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In this section of our site you will find investigations grappling with the complexities of the four narratives:

Technology and the internet have become a gigantic part of day to day human life. This drastic change in habit and development between this generation and the last is rarely covered in mainstream news because large monopolies have hidden interest in preventing the public from knowing what the internet is doing to our society. Therefore we have done our best to compile and analyze the information we found to present the topic in a way that demonstrates how the internet can be a useful tool which benefits our society while displaying information which contradicts, and shows some not so positive effects of internet use.


Annotated Works Cited 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ly says:

    I think internet is very important. A lot of people now a day can not live without internet because it has very big influence to our society and most of us already agree with this.

    1. amandalevin says:

      True, but at what cost? Should we be investigating the dangers – or at least changes – that it causes?

  2. Anneke Lau says:

    Has Technology use been linked to attention span loss?

  3. Umair Malik says:

    The original tittle with topic goes well together

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