No News is Good News: An Investigation of Media Consolidation


Who are you getting your news from and how do you know if it’s true? Well in this day and age it is likely that most of your news is coming from an asset of one of six major media corporations. That is because News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and Comcast own 90% of the media Americans consume. In contrast, in 1983 that 90% was owned by 50 companies. Media companies are merging and consolidating at a faster rate than ever making it so an elite few control every piece of news we consume. The arguments for this conglomerate approach to American media have much to do with the principles of a market economy and a response to successful business models. Still, diminishing diversity in ownership of media means we are only seeing a few viewpoints. Furthermore, this makes it easier for the media to control what the public hears about and to promote their own interest.

For this investigation we focussed on four distinct Narratives: The Value media consolidation, The Economics effects of media consolidation, The right to objective news and the role of censorship  

Annotated Bibliography

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