Varying Viewpoints on The Use Of Drone Technology


This project focuses on the modern uses of drone technology on the global stage. Currently, organizations all over the world are interested in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). We found that a large number of UAV’s are produced in the United States, but there are over 21 countries that manufacture and distribute them. The majority of UAV’s are used for military purposes, which is one of the more controversial elements of the debate. While military aims dominate much of the conversation there are other uses for drones including research and domestic surveillance, though many questions remain unanswered about the ethics of UAV use.


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  1. LisaF. says:

    Aw, I was interested to know more about the UAVs.
    A few questions I had in mind was: what was the circumstances that America had to use drones for? And are they successful in their missions? If so, what’s your opinion about replacing soldiers with drones? If they are used today where there is no war or major violence between countries, what’s the use of having expensive military drones?

  2. Anneke Lau says:

    Do the people the control the drones tend to have more or less psychological issues than people who physically served in war zones?

    1. amandalevin says:

      What an interesting study that would make. Great question.

  3. Elena Valle says:

    Question: Is there any movement towards making domestic drones for things such as housework? I remember the military had created a drone bullet that would supposedly only hit their target to lessen casualties, but will that technology be involved for commercial use?

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