Human Trafficking and the Sex Industry

Lost In Translation Misha Final

The issues of prostitution and sex trafficking manifest in a variety of different ways, depending upon a number of factors in a particular area. This blog explores the issues of the sex industry and the unique challenges faced by different countries trying to regulate, legislate, and eradicate the various elements within the world of human trafficking as related to the sex industry. There are many stories of manipulation and entrapment, and a few of hope and shocking success. In all of them it becomes evident how it’s not just the law that determines whether people are exploited, but the culture and social climate of an area as well. The four parts of this topic that we decided to research were:

Here is a link to our presentation on this subject.

Annotated Works Cited 

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  1. Emma Steinheimer says:

    I had a question during the presentation that I didn’t get to ask…So when you guys said that (something around) 8% of under 18-year olds had had sex with prostitutes in Germany, does that mean it’s legal at any age to buy/rent a prostitute there? Or were they doing that illegally?

  2. Umair Malik says:

    Which country has the biggest problem

  3. junjiyangb says:

    Sometimes many people just want to gain money from this sexual way and they think it’s a easy way to get their needs. This is really common things in Asia especially in Japan, or even in China (People just dont say but it actually happens more in China than other countries.).

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