Wealth Inequality

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Wealth inequality in the United States, also known as the “wealth gap”, refers to the unequal distribution of assets among residents of the United States. Wealth includes the values of homes, automobiles, personal valuables, businesses, savings, and investments. The United States, has been known as a really developed country in the world. However, it is also the country which has the biggest wealth gap between the rich and the poor in the world. If you don’t believe, let’s take a look some of datas of wealth inequality in this country.

  • The richest 7% of American households–8 million with more than $836,000 in net worth–did quite well from 2009 to 2011.
  • Their average net worth rose from $2.5 million to $3.2 million, a 28% jump.
  • The other 93% of American households, meanwhile, lost out.
  • Their average net worth dropped from a measly $140,000 to $134,000.

And this is not all……

Then, there is a question that people have been asking a lot, what and how makes the U.S have this huge wealth inequality?

There are several possible explanations that could answer this question (Prezi):

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  1. Aaminah says:

    Even though the U.S has a big wealth gap between the rich and the poor, do you think the gap should be fixed?

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