What’s the big fracking deal?

Fracking Poster

Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known simply as ‘fracking,’ is the process of drilling into the ground and extracting natural gases to be used for energy.  This is achieved after drilling deep into the earth, allowing for different chemicals combined with water and sand, to be injected into the hole to create cracks deep in the earth that will then release the gases trapped. Once all the gases that can be extracted are, the hole is filled with a different chemical, and sealed.

Fracking is currently being debated as an alternative to various other energy collection methods, although the consequences, while also hotly debated, may be more catastrophic than originally admitted.

Environmental Risks of Fracking
The Economics of Fracking
Energy Independence in Fracking

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  1. arthurhamner says:

    I had no idea that fracking could be so dangerous for our environment. I hope those large corporations have ways of getting rid of those lethal chemicals.

  2. Junming says:

    Creative title!

  3. labriayoung says:

    its just crazy how fracking can n the long run potentially help us but it has all these negative aspects that could kill us. hopefully in the future, we can use fracking a lot more safely and not fight other countries for other resources like this.

  4. Albert Williams says:

    I thought fracking was such a futuristic topic because of the outrageous process that it entails and the issues that are associated with it (oh, flammable water? fsho) and if America could indeed become independent for energy without all the domestic problems, that’d be controversial/crazy/dope.

    1. amandalevin says:

      But it seems like the answer to the last part of your question – even though it would be dope fsho – seems unlikely with this method.

  5. Aaminah says:

    I love your guys Title!!

  6. Hayden Kan says:

    Do you think it is possible to replace fracking with renewable energy?

  7. Karoline sims says:

    I like the you didn’t get rid of the background just the faces

  8. Wess says:

    This is really reallly cool

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