Internet Regulation? Anyone? Anyone?


The internet is a vast open source of information that has boomed in the 21st century. The problem with the internet is regulation, how do we regulate the intangible information that gets passed around the internet if we should regulate it at all? Not only is regulation become a current issue, but it leads to questions on how privacy, capitalism, equity and justice are being handled. People want to feel safe yet connected and the internet’s track record has an ugly past of being used as a weapon. If we want to keep some sort of order or at least rules on what the internet should be for, we need to set some rules in place.

People spend an average of 15 hours 33 minutes per month on the internet, browsing, shopping and connecting through sites and servers. Not only is their personal information being shared publicly but has become a legal and valuable source of information for internet sites because of the profitable information that they hold. Does this make the internet equitable or a hierarchy of invisible power?

Some think the government has the best and justified interest to regulate the internet, some think its the corporations who already have the trust and popularity to maintain the regulation of the internet. Some believe that everyone should regulate their own damn internet and others believe the internet should not be regulated at all. Who is to decide and how is regulation going to be the most effective?

This is the interactive presentation we created.

Annotated Works Cited: Internet Regulation? Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. labriayoung says:

    after hearing your groups part about them sharing my information i went to look at my adds on facebook and was light weight offended! the ads showed my interest in most of the stuff look at on the web. its a bit scary. It makes me want to tread on the Internet a little more lightly than I have been

    1. amandalevin says:

      Only light-weight? It horrifies me!

  2. SjellM-s says:

    I knew about all of these from my dad but he usually blows alot of smoke of internet policy and I didnt think it was a big deal but after reading these its just super uncomfortable.

  3. Bea Lipton says:

    What upsets me is that even though I know this is happening and lots of other people know this is happening, I feel that very few people are going to change their behavior on the Internet.

  4. NOESHA ONAY says:

    I had no clue that these companies own everything we post. This is something that should be know to public out loud, not in fine print.

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