Adding prisons

Mikayla Jordan

IDP Paper

Reducing the Drug Trade


America’s prisons are being over crowded with 3 strike criminals.These crimes may be  from as little as stealing a candy bar to a crime as big as murder. This is a problem because criminals that need to be in prisons are out on the street, causing bigger problems such as drugs trafficking and murder over drugs. America needs more prisons to reduce the drug trade.

June 18, 1971 president Nixon declared the War On Drug this meant that the military would try to reduce the drug trade. But although Nixon declared the War on Drugs our 40th President Ronald Reagan felt as if nothing was being done and, he started to see an increase in the America Crack Epidemic. So he enforced stricter laws around the War on Drugs. This is where the US Military comes in, the US Military helped by cracking down on drug traffickers. They would track down and capture any that had to do with the drug trade and this was exactly Reagan’s vision. Reagan said, “Drugs were menacing our society”, and his wife Nancy Reagan agreed. Nancy Reagan was the founder of the, “Just Say No” foundation. Nancy would go to different places to encourage children not to use drugs and to say, “NO” if anyone asked them to try drugs.

CCA is the Collection Corporation of America which helps  build prisons through out the US. They are willing to help build more prisons to reduce the drug trade in America, because locking more people up means more profit for their company. “The CCA signed contracts to build and run new jails and share the profit”. CEO John D. Ferguson knows that prison populations are increasing and that prisons will soon be overflowed if more prisons aren’t built. “So there is no reason to believe that these populations won’t just creep up over time.”(Ferguson)

Gil Kerlikowske is the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. His job is to decide the Federal Drug Control Programs and the Drug control strategy. Kerlikowske has 37 years of law enforcement experience.

Building more prisons will not only stop drug trafficking it will help black communities in taking drugs off the street. Black communities have the highest drug activity . Crack Cocaine is one of the main drugs in these communities because it is cheap to get., which is why this low costing drugs is in a community suffering from poverty. “The timing of the crack crisis helped to fuel conspiracy theories and general speculations in poor black community’s that War On Drugs was part of a genocidal plan by the government to destroy black communities”(Alexander M).

If the U.S builds more prisons the drug and crime rate will start to decrease. Because a lot of crimes surrounded by  the illegal drug activity within communities . There are  people stealing from one another, killing each other to feed their addiction to these drugs. “Crime goes down prison population goes up”(Ann R). Throwing Dealers and addicts in jail is not a cruel and unusual punishment it’s a fair punishment, not throwing them in jail is punishing people around them. Would you rather have peace on the street or drugs on the street?

Building more prisons in the US could also decrease the death rates in Mexico. Mexico’s  death rate is  raising due to the war on drugs .Every hour someone in Mexico is being killed over  drug related crimes. “Mexico’s battle against powerful drug-trafficking gangs. Over the next 24 hours, at least 25 people die across Mexico in murders carrying the hallmarks of drug-gang hits”.(David L)

If the U.S builds more prisons it doesn’t just benefits this country,  it helps countries who are suffering from the War On Drugs. . The War On Drugs is serious issue that has been  going on for 43 years now and the United States  needs to stop it before  drugs start to take over more than just communities.

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  1. Eli Baum says:

    Has there been any studies on if the increase of prisons is declining of drug crimes? I doubt it is

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