Annotated Works Cited

Tax Sources:

  • G. William Domhoff, “Wealth, Income, and Power” This site provides a lot of information about the tax structure in the United States. It compares the differences amount of earning and paying taxes with different group of income level. Its main focus is directly to the top one percent. 
  •  Timothy Noah,”The United States of Inequality” This source is talking about the income inequality in the United States. It describes the timeline of income inequality over time. Also it gives us a sense of income inequality in the United States with other countries.
  • Gerald Prante, Scott A. Hodge, “The Distribution of Tax and Spending Policies in the United States”  This site is about income redistribution from the rich to the poor. It says that the rich is actually giving a lot of their money to the government’s spending program. The low and middle income families receive more benefits from the government.

Trickle-Down Economics Sources:

Interest Rate Sources:

  • Michael Pickett  “Wealth distribution In America“(Vedio)This video illustrates the wealth gap between the top 1% and the basic class of the US. Three surveys have been done in order to show the seriousness of the issue of wealth inequality.
  • Inflation and Interest Rates This economics essay has explained the financial problem of EU. You can find different evidence and data in the essay and they are simple to understand. Also, most of the aspects they have discussed about the EU financial problem are similar to the situation to the US.
  • John Helyar, “Outsourcing: A Passage Out of India” This article is talking about outsourcing. It is a simple for companies to reduce costs and expenses by sending out production lines and customer centres offshore. Also, this article has also suggested we should not trust data about India’s economy.
  •  Nicholas A. Benvenuto, “Outsourcing—A Risk Management Perspective” This study explain the reasons of outsourcing and the benefits of it. Besides that, the study has also mentioned the problem of outsourcing and how to analyze the risk of outsourcing.
  • Angie Mohr, “4 Ways Outsourcing Damages Industry” This article points out the disadvantages of outsourcing to the workers of America. It describes that when jobs have been move out from the states, those jobs will not come back in a short period of time. Also, the action of sending jobs away from the US can lower US workers’ skills when there is no places for the workers to practise and learn new skills.

Institutional Racism Sources:

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