Commercial Genetic Testing: Religious and Moral Reasons

Author: Karoline Perry-Sims

    Catholics and genetic testing

Genetic testing is a test that tells you about your body. It tells if you have any diseases, or will gave. Genetic testing has benefits and draw monck. Genetic testing is not genetic engineering, and there is an important between the two; genetic engineering is deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material, while genetic testing is going into the human DNA and uncovering genetic differences, anomalies or mutations that may prove pathological.

Commercial genetic testing provides information about your future and any potential children. Because of this, it goes against many faiths-based practices that suggest this sort of knowledge can provide more stress than salvation. Geneticengineering is considered a sin to Christians and other religions.To Christ,  genetic engineering is sugessting that Gods work is inedequate.

The Catholic Church’s stance has two parts on genetic testing. When it’s part of sound medical practice they’re in favor. If the family has a history of a disease, their children can be tested. Catholics are okay with genetic testing because when finding something, it  may be able to be prevented. Catholics want to teach their youth the system of genetic testing and how genetic testing has effective therapy that works. The troubling area is that Catholic’s are anti-abortion and there is a risk that prenatal genetic testing could disclose information that might lead expectant parents to consider terminating a pregnancy. This would be a problem.

In terms of genetic engineering, Catholics believe “Designing a baby” goes against God and their beliefs because of God. When getting confidential questions answered, by genetic tests, it is hard to know what the information will be used for, if it is even accurate. It can lead people to abusing the system. Sometimes too much information is not beneficial.

I mostly agree with the Catholic Church. When it comes to genetic testing, it’s about wanting to know your health as well as child’s health. The way I see it, I believe these tests are worth checking out.  Genetic testing is appropriate when there are legitimate health concerns but it’s not appropriate to “build” a more perfect person with genetic engineering.

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