Decriminalizing Possession of Drugs

Zania Frazier

Anti – Narcotics

America is one of the main countries that people look at as a golden ticket. People come here for better education, higher job opportunities, and, most importantly, freedom. America is all of this and more. But in humanity people in America don’t understand that everything isn’t what it seems to be. “ Yes, the United States of America has come very far as a country.” But it has a long way to go. America is filled with problems that are being swept under the rug. For instance, drug trafficking in our country has become a major problem. I believer that if we decriminalize drugs in America death rates from drugs will decrease.

Decriminalization is a process that every country has to go through. I am very aware that their is a current movement towards decriminalizing drugs marijuana specifically. Drug trafficking is a global illicit trade.This international problem has been resolved by alternative sources. Take Portuguese government for example, 13 years Portugal drug decriminalization policy shows positive results. In 2001 the Portuguese government tried a new plan to get the drug problem under control. They decriminalized the possession of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, and other street narcotics.

They decided to focus on treatments, prevention, and other rehabilitation for addicts which worked better in their favor. Portugal came up with a positive solutions that will infact help people. Fiive years later the number of deaths decreased around 400-290 (annually.) Also the numbers of new HIV that is cased by using dirty needles to inject heroin, cocaine (etc). Had dropped from 1,400 in the year of 2000, to around 400 in the year of 2006. Why the United State haven’t came up or consider this alternative? Even though it might be harder to decriminalize other substances because of it being so harsh, marijuana shouldn’t even be a rethinkable factor. Yes a marijuana drug this drug helps with cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, and other diseases that could lead to death. The decriminalization will help open doors for other substances to be accepted and also take the black market down.The Illegal drug trade is a global black market and their are five specific underground economics that can be notified to drug trade. Criminal drug, the unreported economy, the unrecorded economy, the informed economy.

The Black market is the underground source to buy not only drugs but illegal items. If we enforce decriminalization the black market will no longer thrive. And drug users won’t have to sneak illegal drugs in their systems. Because of that, this will give people the opportunity to start getting help. Our government’s mentality most of the time evolves around incarceration and not always the answer. Decriminalization will not only help the addicts, but most importantly it will give the government one more reason to not spend another dime on prisons.

Therefore, going back to our original research question. What can the United States do to stop drug trade? Research shows that most of America thinks that legalizing drugs will definitely decrease drug trafficking. The main reason for drug trafficking is that there are a lot of money that is being made through this illegal system. Which why it’s so hard to stop completely. In our country the drug users are making this issue worse. If we decriminalize drugs and treat drug addiction as a medical problem then there’s no way we can go wrong!

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  1. caseylapidus says:

    -Would the US have the money and the trust in these drug traffickers, dealers and users out of prison and into a treatment program like Portugal?
    -Maybe if they legalized some less harmful drugs the state could actually profit from taxes?

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