State Regulation of Euthanasia

By Teneva Jackson

The right to die and euthanizing has been a topic that struck all over the United States, and been an ongoing argument for many people who are terminally ill.  Many people and organizationbelieve our government  should get involved and help regulate the right to die.  United States medical physicians, should help provide the information and medicine for people who choose to die. The government must work towards providing citizens with the opportunity to have the right to die, if they are terminally ill  and no longer see the importance of living. Euthanasia should be legalized under certain circumstances to patients who meet the requirements.

People who are sick wants our government to allow assisted suicide as an option for terminally ill patients. Human being should have the right to be be when and how they want to. What America needs to do is not ignore peoples wishes, and provide care to people who are  terminally ill and wish to end their life, without having to suffer the pain of dying slowly . Its no ones decisions accepts the person who is suffering to make the choice whether they want to die. There are many laws that are legal for people to choose what’s best for them. Like women having the right to an abortion, this is a debatable argument that is legal, and it’s a decision that only take one individual to make. Its also legal for people use tobacco, or alcohol regardless of the consequences and health risk there are. People will always do as they please knowing what the consequences and benefits are. Banning euthanasia will not prevent people from committing the act of suicide.

Euthanasia facts

A Doctors job is not just to prevent deaths, its also to improve  patient’s quality of life. Doctors can’t always prevent a patient from dying if the patient is terminally ill; all their is to do is to let them die slowly. The process of waiting can be very painful and miserable for patients and the people who have to watch them suffer. Not treating a patient with euthanasia if they requested to die is violation of a person’s human rights, an increased suffering for terminally ill patients.

Deciding if you want to live or die is a personal decision not made by anyone. Many people believe government does not have the power to make a decision if someone should  live or not. But what our government could have the power of serving each individuals needs and wishes on life or death.  Since it is not no one life but the patients, there isn’t anyone in their situation, they should not be able to make the decision for you. American government allow us to have the right to choose our own sex preference, choose our religion, and abort any unwanted child, or even have a firearm. A big questions that sparks these people is, why shouldn’t terminally ill patients have the right to decide if they want to live? It is not logical that we can choose all of those decision, but the terminally ill cannot choose to live or die.

The reason why organization believe death should be an option for terminally ill patients is that, people go through a lot of pain and suffering in life, and would rather die.  There are people who are terminally ill and choose to die, and commit suicide (American Safeguard). Government assisted suicide would be an option for those who live there life in a very deep and painful misery. For the people who don’t have the opportunity to recover from the pain they go through, should be properly assisted by the government in making the decision to die. Also, giving the option to receive assisted suicide is the right thing to do when people are facing death. People who are not  terminally ill already don’t have a lot of options that they can choose from. It would be the right thing to maximize options for people who are confined to limited choices of living in life.

To begin the process of euthanasia it should be regulated under the care of medical physicians who carefully inform patients  who want to to go through the medical process of euthanasia. Euthanasia is a medical practice that is used to end the life for those who are suffering from life threatening illnesses and go through a severe amount of excruciating pain in their bodies. When people go through this process they deserve the right medical assistances provided by the government, it’s important to legalize euthanasia because it’s a solution to help relieve pain that people want to no longer suffer from. Banning euthanasia will not stop people from committing suicide, and allowing assisted suicide will not increase more people dying (Wikipedia).

Physician assisted suicide is also known as voluntary passive euthanasia. In this process, our Government physician will supply patient with the right information or meaning of committing suicide (Medical News Today). With this information patients are properly informed on how each lethal dose of sleeping and carbon monoxide gas is used to successfully terminate someone’s life (Medical News Today). With our government providing people with the information needed to inform them about voluntary passive euthanasia, allows people to have access and liberty to their life.

The government should legalize euthanasia and provide psychological therapy for those who want to die and help them make the right decision. This is not to murder, however, the government is providing liberty and the freedom to choose for people. Our government argues that regardless of the physical capability a person has, no one should take their own life. This doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with this. People should be able to do what they want with their body, including the ability to make a choice whether they want to die. In order to provide people with equal access of having the rights to die, American government needs to assist euthanasia to those who made want to end their life. It is a private decision made by the individual who wishes to go through this process,  it does not harm anyone or make people stop or cause more suicide.

Jack Kevorkian also known as “Dr Death”, was a medical physician who was a right to die activist. He assisted more than 130 suicides in the state of Michigan in the years 1990 to 1998 (Los Angeles Times). All over the nation in the 1990s he sparked huge debates about terminally ill patients having the right to die (Los Angeles Times). One of Dr. Kevorkian cases of euthanasia in Michigan was assisted a 54 year old women Janet Adkins for the first time in suicide. She was diagnosed with alzheimer’s who faced depression about the losing her mental abilities. She and her husband were members of the Hemlock Society group, which is the free choice of rational suicide. She mention that it was her free will and choice of his service to assist her in suicide because this what what she wanted. Each of Dr. Kevorkian patients where terminally ill and disable. Before Adkin died she told Dr. Kevorkian, “Thank you, thank you so much,” as the machine began to take place. He replied and said”Have a nice trip,”.

Majority of kevorkian patients where in the United States who receive assistance in committing suicide. Most patients experienced euthanasia where terminally ill men over the age of 65 years who were diagnosed with cancer, neurologic disease, or end-stage heart or lung disease. The patients who died with Kevorkian’s help were only 25 percent were terminally ill (New England Journal of England). Sixty Nine people died with the Assistance of Dr. Jack Kevorkian in Oakland County, Michigan). Seventy-two percent of his patients had decline in their health status that caused them to have the desire to die. Seventy-one percent of those people, were women (New England Journal of England).  Kevorkian patients who were women believed that its wasn’t worth living to fight for death. Suicide rates are much more high for man then they are women.  Jack Kevorkian mention all his patients where hundred percent positive about euthanized, and were happy to end their life that way (The Healthcare Marketer).

There were people who had never been divorced or married had been overrepresented about euthanizing someone.  The government should suggesting helping people have a better understanding  and decision making of choosing to die. Its best that our government get involved in people rights to die, and stop ignoring them. Our government must not undergo the vulnerability of women and men to physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, which clinical safeguards are lacking.

A organization called, Dying With Dignity Victoria (DWDV), is an active law reform and self help organization the is determined to pursue public policies and laws in the state of Victoria that encourages people to have self-determination and dignity at the end of their lives DWDV is not for profit that relies on the help of member, donations and bequests to help continue the organization.

The Final Exit Network is an non profit organization that helps mentally competent adults who suffer from a fatal and irreversible physical illness. The work with people , of intractable physical pain, constellation of chronic, progressive physical disabilities. They believe everyone has  basic human right to choose to end their lives, if they feel that is the right decision.

This Right by its Nature, implies that the ending of one’s life is one’s choice, including the timing and persons present, and should be free of any restrictions by the law, clergy, medical profession, and even friends and relatives no matter how well-intentioned.  We do not encourage anyone to end their life,  are opposed to anyone’s encouraging another to end his life,  do not provide the means to do so, and do not  assist in a person’s death.

Compassion & Choices, is a leading nonprofit organization that is committed to helping people have the best death possible. They offer free counseling, planning resources, referrals and guidance. Across the nation they work towards protecting and expanding options for people at the end of their lives.For over thirty years they have reduced people’s suffering and helped give people some control in their final days of life.

Pieter Admiraal is a pioneer in euthanasist in the Netherlands who is now retired . He is a right to die activist. He was a winner of the 1992 Humanist Award.He spoke out to people all around the world, and helped legalize euthanasia in the Netherlands, which their government helps in providing assistance for. He mentioned, “To carry out euthanasia is an emotional and difficult decision. I have seen my patients as friends, and every time I was sad and satisfied after euthanasia, sad to lose a friend and satisfied that I could end the suffering of that friend.”

Its best that our government works together and not against the right to die. It should be in government best interest to give everyone an equal opportunity to there life and what they choose to do with it. Everyone deserves the opportunity to choose their right to die, no one deserves to go through suffering pain of being terminally ill they don’t want to.


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