Government Regulation

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By Makayla Franklin

As the internet has become more significant and widely used, issues have arisen around regulating content and access to the world of the World Wide Web. Because of the nature of the internet being a primarily free and open access portal to infinite media sources, outlets, and points of view, there is a constant danger that individuals could be victimized by what they say, see, or share. For all of these reasons it is only logical that there needs to be some sort of internet regulation, and because of the scope of the internet this regulatory need can be best met by the government.

According to the New York Times, several technology companies have been preparing for new public campaign to push president Obama and congress to improve government surveillance on the internet. Companies led by Google and Microsoft presented a plan to regulate online privacy and are relying on the U.S. to take charge of the situation. There are many ways in which our country would benefit from government control. Terrorism is a common topic that Americans are concerned. government regulation could prevent terrorist from attacking our financial systems and finding out secret security in formation through our websites and databases in which we use. government regulate could prohibit children and teenagers from watching porn and prevent them from becoming victims of child pornography. Even though it is illegal to view such sites, the government has yet to restrict access to these cite. For many years pornography involving children and the ability to simply watch porn has been available all over the world. with government regulation fewer children would become victims of child pornograph and free porn would not be available because less people would be able to view these cites. In addition, Cyber bullying is another concern among Americans. Government control might improve cyber bullying as they attempt to punish the parents of children who send threats or similar acts of harrassment to their children.If the government begins to threaten parents of encarcerationor other punishments due to their child action,it is likely that children and teens would stop bullying other students.

add a paragraph (or 2 or 3) here about WHY we need to be regulated, find some information about bad things that have happened because people have been allowed too much freedom on the internet. (id theft, child safety, cyber bullying, corporate shelling of info)

The NSA (National Security Agency) are responsible for the protection of U.S citizens. Their job includes very skillful tasks such as, global monitoring, collection, decoding, translation, and analysis information and data for foreign intelligence as well as counter-intelligence purposes. Recently, the NSA has been increasingly focused on domestic internet surveillance. Although there has been a lot of negative blowback on the NSA from the recent Edward Snowden allegations of unconstitutional and inappropriate surveillance of American citizens, amounting to spying, the reality is….we need to be protected.

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