Increasing international cooperation to reduce drug trade

Irma Orozco

Increase International Cooperation to Reduce Drug Trade

The cooperation between nations will reduce the illegal drug trade. It is easier to accomplish anything when people are cooperating and work together. When people divide the work and divide the responsibility more can get done and it can be done faster. This logic applies to stopping international drug trafficking. If countries want to stop the illegal drug trade, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through international cooperation.

Cooperation between nations looks like sharing data by talking to other countries and helping each other out the more information they share the better. Another cooperation is to carry out joint investigation which means that they have a cooperative investigation, investigating as a group more information. Joint customs operation is practically cooperating with each other at the border checking that everything is in order maintain everything on track.

Some of the ways that nations are able to cooperate are:

Technology, technology was a big part it helped, each group was looking out for each countries interests . Another way to cooperate is to have similar laws. Having similar laws is good because there is agreement and it is consistent. Having consistent laws makes it easier for people to follow them and its easier to catch people who break the law.

Ones of the examples were that the European Union is a group of many countries who are doing this.

The reasons the EU is doing this is because countries are close to each other geographically and by closer the better that way they can communicate better I person and don’t have to travel far. Another thing is that there’s high level of participation everybody participates in what has to be done which is helpful because then everybody knows what has to happen. The Interpol already exists with the police is involved and with the police help its easier to work with more people more help.


the Netherlands


U.S Coast Guard. All these places are what run the International cooperation’s.

The EU countries work together to disrupt drug traffic. The actions were to work together with international partners to reduce the global supply of and demand for illegal drugs. The server links between the international illicit drug and arms trades and to sustain pressure and work with international partners to shut down emerging drug transit routes and associated corruption in West Africa. The tried to coordinate with international partners to prevent synthetic drug production.

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