Risk Factors of Drone Use

By Umair Malik

The risk and potential for collateral from drones are too great to allow for their continued military use.Over the course of 2010,US president Barack Obama ordered hundreds of drone strikes to countries in and around the Middle East including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and Somalia. As a result of so many drones deployed there have been between 800 to 900 civilian deaths. Drones are machines and just like every other machine can malfunction. Not only that, but according to Muhammed Ahmed of Popular Buzz Pakistan Website claims of the 100 drone strikes that happened in 2010, 100 percent of strikes killed innocent citizens and 75 percent were teenagers the ages from the ages 10 to 15, that is horrifying for children who see friends killed due to drone strikes. Drones are also inaccurate, which leads to collateral damage and innocent people getting killed or permanently injured.

According to a teenager, Sadawulllah Wazir, a victim of a drone attack says his dream was to be a doctor and support for his family but can’t now because he has lost his legs and gets severe headaches from an attack that hit his house. Drones have become a tormenting force for many innocent kids who only want to get out, go to school, and be able to move to a safer environment but can’t as a result of frightening drones in the sky 24/7. According to NBC news, the US is investigating a charge Yemenis made, after a drone attack that was supposed to be on an Al-Qaeda militant, but ended up hitting a wedding party, killing twelve and injuring 14 others. According to Ahmed Mohammed Al Shafe’ree, the father of Aref, said his 25 year old son and the father of seven was murdered among the twelve others. “you can imagine how angry people are about the wedding. They turned a wedding into a funeral” said Al-Sane a fellow Yemeni who lived fairly close to the city the drone strike took place. It seems America is using drones on anyone without any thought.

Civilian life is important and there are countless stories of victims who have loved ones that were killed for no reason. Not only that but because drones are in the air 24/7 and only gone when its raining. men, women, and children are psychologically horrified of them. Hisam Abrar, cousin of a victim who was killed in a drone attack, says that a lot of men are killed in drone strikes and they are the wage earners of the home and now families don’t have any income for that.

The information was sent out by a human rights activist group called Reprieve, who are critical of the US drone policy. The video that they sent out shows numbers of scorched bodies who part of the wedding party.investigates-yemenis-charge-that-drone-strike-turned-wedding-into-a-funeral?lite. The message being sent out is clearly stating that the more drone use there is, the more civilian casualties there will be. According to Jonathan Weiler, Obama is the reason behind the strikes and even though he knows innocent people are being killed he still decides to use drones because that has become America’s favorite method in hunting terrorists.  Perhaps, its not even about hunting terrorist in drone strikes. A single drone cost about $4.3 million and are currently really popular. Neil and Linden Blue ,both co owners of General Atomics ASI, which is the company that makes Reaper and Predator drones, bought out the previous company, GA-ASI for $60 million. This brings up suspicions around the Blue Brothers, for they were not independently wealthy. Did the CIA or the US government fund them?

As of today, drone strikes have gone down. In 2010 Obama led 122 drone strikes in Pakistan and in 2011 it dropped to 73 and so on. Every time a bomb is dropped and innocent men, women, and children are killed, it will cause a negative impact towards America, causing hatred. That will lead to more people joining terrorist organizations in the future and more innocent people are losing their lives in a war they don’t even want. Obama is turning cities into war torn battlefields.

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  1. Eli Baum says:

    Has Obama every made a comment or speech about what he is doing? I would be interested to hear that

    1. amandalevin says:

      Yeah, like what is his role here, and what exactly should the government role be?

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