The Government Controls Your Length of Life

BY:  Noesha McGehee

Right to die

There are many issues surrounding euthanasia.  Because the right to die is such a broad right. It opens many issues in basic human and natural right regarding death. The right to die law is a way for the government to own you. It collides with our natural rights and human rights to have control over oneself.

Human Rights are rights given by the government what are applied to every human being. These rights control how everyone will act as one society. One human right that collides with the right to die is the Right to Freedom. That right of freedom is saying that you are a free individual and you have the freedom to express. However, when it comes to euthanasia this right does not apply. One way it does not reply is that it is illegal to commit suicide. Suicide is an physical  form of expression. Euthanasia is a limiting factor on your right to freedom. Another human right euthanasia takes away is the freedom of slavery. To be a slave mean to be strongly influenced or controlled by something. Euthanasia is the governments way of controlling your life. It a way to keep you hostage. Euthanasia says that is it illegal to take your life. That mean that no matter how much you may feel like you want to die or not work anymore or whatever the case may be, you have to continue to be a slave of your state.

Government Controls Your Life

Another problem around euthanasia is its interference with natural rights. Natural Rights are right given to everyone by God or a higher entity than human beings can not be taken away unlike human rights. One natural right that Euthanasia interferes with is the right to liberty. Liberty is when someone has control over their own actions. Suicide is in all ways one’s own action. The act of ending your own life is a libertarian right. However, as well as the right to freedom, euthanasia ignores your rights.

.Life Liberty

One case study is Terri Schiavo. She was a brain dead patient whose wishes was to be put to death if she ever was in a severe situation. However, It is law is Texas that it is illegal to take a life of a pregnant woman. This means that Terri Schiavo had to stay a slave to her state. With the help of Euthanasia Schiavo DNR will was ignored. Not only in this case is suicide illegal but assistant medical suicide when approved by the government is illegal. That has left Terri full responsibility and ownership of her life in the governments hands.

Terri Schiavo Before And After

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Noah Ehnle says:

    I agree with your position on natural rights. I don’t think the government should be allowed to interfere legislatively with people’s natural rights because its a personal choice, and it would only affect them.

    1. amandalevin says:

      Suicide is a victimless crime? As with drug use, I understand how people can hold this belief… but it seems naively superficial.

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