UAV Military Benefits


Unmanned aircraft technology became popular among  America’s resources during the 21st century. There were a variety of organizations developing drones like General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, and Lockhead Martin. Most drones were manufactured in the United States until America made agreement with Pakistan’s government which allowed the U.S to use predator drones in pakistan. When president George W. Bush first announced the war against terror in September 20th. Americas military though this would help them accomplish their main objective, which was developing a smarter strategy to prevent terrorism in AL Qaeda. Since drones would provided the advantage of reduced deaths among their pilots, America’s predator drones were logistical enough to become strategic in terms of war. Today there are over 21 countries that have manufactured or had the ability to acquire drones.

drone power pointPreview

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  1. Thomas Jackson says:

    Which are the 21 countries that have drones? are they all is the west, the main superpowers of the world or are there third world countires that have drone capabilities?

  2. Whats more important: the life of one American pilot, or 20 civilians?

    1. amandalevin says:

      Doesn’t that depend upon who you’re asking? If the pilot is you son/daughter? Mother/father? Harder to say… I understand the strict numerical interpretation, but I think the question is more complicated than that.

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